'Do you need a napkin?' Phrases you can use in bed AND at the table

"Even the most innocent words can have a double meaning..."

"Even the most innocent words can have a double meaning..."

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There are some things that can be said in the bedroom and in a restaurant or dining room that may be interpreted in completely different ways. Enjoy the pleasure of the double entendre!

A Russian model and DJ called Super Nguyen started a Twitter flashmob asking people to post phrases that can be used both in bed - and at the dinner table. At first glance they may seem innocuous, but even the most innocent words can have a double meaning...

Super Nguyen @ihavegot2b

The first one Super Nguyen posted herself: “Do you need a napkin?”

We can’t translate and publish all of the replies she got – some are far too rude. But below are a selection of the funniest. Check them out and why not post your own!

Sergey Korova @cowkorova

“Now I know where your daughter learned everything.”

Diman @DimanRez

“I’m done. Thank you.”

Dmitry Lebedev @Omelyanko 15 июл.

”Your mum did it better.”

Roma Bordunov @romabordunov 15 июл.

“I’m a vegan.”

Vitalik @doubleevit

“Don’t eat so loudly, please.”

Anonimny Internacional @tedyfox

“Use your hands for that.”

Anton Scherba @LLLepba

“Ah, so many bones… again.”

Fedorin Mikhail @fed0rin 15 июл.

“Let's pray before we do that.”

Anton Scherba @LLLepba 15 июл.

“Our son told us so much about you.”

Yekaterina Bakirova @KateBakirova 18 июл.

“Put down your phone!”

Maluk @MalyukVadim 15 июл.

“You have something between in your teeth.”

Dizzy @xnedvke 15 июл.

“Bill, please.”

Anton Scherba @LLLepba 15 июл.

“So how was your day at school?”

Anton Scherba @LLLepba 15 июл.

“Don't talk when your mouth is full!”

Atmosfera nenavisty @na_rabote_FSB 15 июл.

"There was a hair in there"

Augustu Albieri @dude____love 15 июл.

“Protein is healthy.”

Odinokaya teftel'ka @eliseevruslan1 15 июл.

“You're finished already?”

Weird V @in_my_favour 15 июл.

“It was tasty, thank you.”

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