QUIZ: Can you distinguish French Impressionists from Russian Wanderers?

Innovative Russian and French artists of the 19th century were very close in their ideas – though almost never visually – so we’ve picked paired pictures that are difficult to identify. Can you distinguish French Impressionists from Russian Wanderers?

The Pushkin museum has opened an exhibition "Peredvizhniki (the Wanderers) and Impressionists" to demonstrate the dialogue that existed between innovative Russian and European artists in the latter part of the 19th century.

In France and Russia a generation of artists appeared at the same time with a different outlook, attitude and artistic style, but inspired by the same struggle with academism. But if the impressionists wanted to show the beauty of life by inventing new techniques in painting, the Wanderers wanted to change the essence of portrait, genre painting and landscape. Many Russian painters went to Paris for inspiration and adopted the style of French painters, making it at times difficult to distinguish between French and Russian artists.

In each question, select the image of the Wanderers.

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