What Marvel and DC superheroes might look like when old

Snow White and Captain America

Snow White and Captain America

Lesia Gusyeva
Perm-based cartoonist Lesia Guseva decided to share with the world her vision of what everyone’s favorite superheroes and fairytale characters might look like when they’re retired!

Dubbing the collection ‘Pensioneria’, she included crowd favorites from the Marvel, DC and oddly, the Disney universe. You can see the entire lot on Guseva's Instagram


“She’s 90 years old… the calendar on the wall says it,” Guseva captions. “She’s outlived all of her 40 cats, whose company she’s had to share all these years. Maybe it’s not so bad she said ‘no’ to Batman? Looks like she’s doing perfectly fine.”

Then came the Joker’s turn, followed, of course, by Batman.

The Joker

Supergirl and Wonder Woman look like they’re enjoying their time knitting and feeding birds in the park.

Supergirl and Wonderwoman

Spiderman has finally found a creative outlet for his uncanny ability.


Captain America somehow manages to break through the Marvel Universe wall, and enter the Disney universe in order to date an elderly Snow White. Here’s hoping we don’t get a crossover movie. Though don’t bet on it – movie studios have to eat too.

Captain America and Snow White

We’ve saved the best for last: Hulk on a visit to his eye doctor.

The Hulk with Agent Romanov

And here’s Thor, who’s finally found a practical use for his gigantic hammer, besides battling dimension-hopping gods.

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