Russian kids share their holiday wishes

New Year

New Year

What do Russian children dream of seeing under their tree on New Year’s morning? RBTH staff worked hard to find out what their kids will be expecting Grandfather Frost, the Russian Santa Claus, to bring them.

Sofia Shimarskaya, 2 years 9 months

Source: Personal archiveSource: Personal archive

RBTH: Sofia, what would you like Grandfather Frost to give you for New Year? 

Sofia A present!

RBTH: That much is clear. What present?

Sofia: Purple in color… Ermm... No, pink!

RBTH: Pink?

Sofia.: Well, the one that has more red in it!

RBTH: And what's so special about it?

Sofia.: Magic!

RBTH: How's that?

Sofia: It is when everybody - bang - and gets fairy tales! Many fairy tales! For everybody! And you don't have to go to bed, and I can paint on the wall with my yellow paint... or green... No, better yellow!

RBTH: And what about toys?

Sofia: What for?! And what shall I do with the ones I already have? If I need anything, we can just go and buy it, right?

Fyodor Krasnov, 5 years

Source: Personal archiveSource: Personal archive

First of all, I would like a big bed, like my parents have, so that I could jump and roll on it. Also, I will ask him to send all superheroes and their enemies to Moscow, so that they could fight right under our windows and we would watch them from the balcony. And also dinosaurs, but not big ones — no bigger than dogs.

Kirill (11 years) and Katya (6 years) Mitevski

Source: Personal archiveSource: Personal archive

Katya: I would like a telephone. It has those thingies and a button at the top: you press it and pictures change. Also, I would like it to be possible to ride tigers in the city. And so that they are harmless.

Kirill: I would ask him to make it easier for people to find solutions to problems, understanding, a common language... Also, I would like there to be a mountain in the center of the city so that we don't have to spend money to travel to the mountains. And I would like nothing ever to get lost (keys, phones, gloves, scarves, sneakers…)

RBTH: Anything else?

Katya: The password to your computer so that I could listen to songs from "Frozen" when you are not here.

Maxim Ogurtsov, 5.5 years

Source: Personal archiveSource: Personal archive

I very much want Grandfather Frost to give me a LEGO airport and a 3D pen! Also, I would like nobody to ever die. And, a jungle near our city, with dinosaurs walking in it.

Stasya Zaytseva, 3 years

Source: Personal archiveSource: Personal archive

I would very much like Grandfather Frost to bring me a toy princess and also a kitten. I so much want to have a pet.

Also, I want to ask him to make it so that we have summer all year round. So that it is warm all year round! Except for the New Year, when I would like some snow to go sledding. And the next day to have sun and summer again! 

Kolya Korolev, 3 years 9 months

Source: Personal archiveSource: Personal archive

I would like Grandfather Frost to make a great fireworks display so that all children could see it! Also, I don't want children to die, I want them to stay with their parents. And I would like to have superwings so as not to waste time on getting from one place to another.

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