Paint a Russian writer ahead of the Red Square Book Festival

May 16, 2017 Alexandra Guzeva, RBTH
Cartoons, portraits, and caricatures of the Russian greats all welcome.
Paint a writer
Source: Drawing by Vladimir Motchalov

Ahead of the Red Square Book Festival (June 3-6), the organizers have announced a painting competition “#пишиписателя” – literally meaning "paint a writer."

The rules are easy – draw your favorite Russian author – classic portrait, caricature, cartoon, or anything else. Then upload the image to any social media site with hashtags #пишиписателя, #конкурс, #конкурсрисунков, #RedFest, #арт, #конкурсартов.

There will be two nominations for classic and contemporary Russian writers.The artists of the best portraits will get souvenirs from the festival.

Time to get creative!

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