Benedict Brogan, deputy editor of The Daily Telegraph (The UK)

Benedict Brogan, deputy editor of The Daily Telegraph (The UK)

Commentary on the Russian supplement Russia Now, which is published monthly inside The Daily Telegraph: 

«We are very excited about our relationship with Russia Now, it is a very important commercial relationship to us. It is one that we are quite proud of. It’s been running for four years, and what we’ve been struck by is how successful it has proved to be for us and for our readers, It appears in the newspaper on a regular basis and what we have discovered is that over time the amount of interest our readers show in Russia Now has increased quite dramatically: 40 per cent of our readers look at it quite closely and that means that through The Telegraph Russia Now reaches the important audience of influential British readers, British voters, British consumers. It also means that it gives them insight into Russia today and what is going on in that great country. So for us as a Publisher we have found that what is a commercial relationship has proved to be profitable in all sorts of ways and we are very encouraged by the way it’s going and then what it holds up for the future». 

«I think what is striking about British readers, and certainly The Daily Telegraph readers, is that they have traditionally been a readership that is very interested in the world beyond London, beyond Britain, beyond The Channel, and European affairs, and world affairs, there always has been something they’ve followed closely, and certainly our Foreign news pages have always followed the developments in Russia very closely, and they have as a result been interested in and very passionate about keeping up to-date with foreign news and developments there. I think what Russia Now has enabled us to do is that it has enabled us to put before them more information about Russia, about developments in Russia – political, economic, business developments, but also social developments, and these are the kind of things our readers are interested in and want to follow, and the fact is that when a newspaper readership are two million and up to forty per cent of those people, or nearly a million people who read The Telegraph are paying attention to what Russia Now has to say, it is I think quite a powerful indication of the importance of this commercial relationship to The Telegraph Media Group». 

«And I think if you follow the evolution of Russia Now, you’ll see that the quality of the supplement has improved in leaps and bounds and I’m very pleased as a newspaper publisher to be able to say that Russia Now in terms of its look, its design, its content is constantly evolving, constantly improving, and I’m very anxious to ensure that this commercial relationship nevertheless stays within the very high standards of quality that The Telegraph Media Group sets itself, and certainly I know that we would not be happy if the quality wasn’t of the best, and I think what is reassuring to me is that Russia Now is to see that our colleagues in Russia Now understand that very keenly and are able to produce with the help of our commercial team an editorial product which is of the kind of standards which that we expect of The Telegraph Media Group, and I think that is what has helped our readers engage more closely with it».

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