Women, knives, dances

Source: Artisticco LLC / 123RF.COM

Source: Artisticco LLC / 123RF.COM

Today we'll learn how women of different nationalities relate to knives, dances and construction tools — as far as the Russian language is concerned.

Today's episode of Ruspod Shorts is a curious one. You'll learn how women of different nationalities relate to knives, dances, construction tools, meat, and many more — as far as the Russian language is concerned, of course.

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Болгария [bul-GAH-ree-yah] — Bulgaria

болгарин [bul-GAH-reen] — Bulgarian man

болгарка [bul-GAHR-kah] — Bulgarian woman / angle grinder

Финляндия [feen-LYAHN-dee-yah] — Finland

финн [feenn] — Finnish man

финка [FEEN-kah] — Finnish woman / a knife

Польша [POHL'-shah] — Poland

поляк [pah-LYAHK] — Polish man

полька [POHL'-kah] — a kind of a dance

полячка [pah-LYAHCH-kah] — Polish woman

Чехия [CHEH-khee-yah] — Check Republic

чех [chekh] — Check man 

чешка [CHEH-shkah] — Check woman / a dancing slipper

Корея [kah-RYEH-yah] — Korea

кореец [kah-RYEH-yets] — Korean man

кореянка [kah-ree-YAHN-kah] — Korean woman

корейка [kah-RYEH-ykah] — loin pork

Вьетнам [V'YEHT-nahm] — Vietnam

вьетнамец [v'yeht-NAH-myets] — Vietnameese man

вьетнамка [v'yeht-NAHM-kah] — Vietnameese woman / a beach slipper

Америка [ah-MYEH-ree-kah] — America

американец [ah-myeh-ree-KAH-nyets] — American man

американка [ah-myeh-ree-KAH-nyets] — American woman / game of pool

индеец [een-DYEH-yets] — an American Indian man

индейка [een-DYEH-ykah] — a turkey

Москва [mahs-KVAH] — Moscow

москвич [mahs-KVEECH] — male Muscovite / a Soviet car

москвичка [mahs-KVEECH-kah] — female Muscovite 

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