Snowden story

Source: Daniel Villeneuve/123RF.COM

Source: Daniel Villeneuve/123RF.COM

A secretive American agency, the transit zone of a Moscow airport, Russian social networks, a dog with its tongue out... Listen to this crazy Russian spy story

A spy story in this episode of Ruspod Shorts: an secretive American agency, a transit zone of an airport in Moscow, the President of Russia and his awkward relationship with human rights, Russian social networks, a dog with its tongue out... what the hell is a dog doing here? Listen to find out.

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США [Seh She Ah] — USA

Америка [Ah-MYEH-ree-kah] — America

Россия [RAH-see-yah] — Russia

газета [Gah-ZYEH-tah] — newspaper

шпион [shpee-OHN] — a spy

страна [strah-NAH] — country

паспорт [PAHS-port] — passport

аэропорт [ah-eh-rah-POHRT] — airport

виза [VEE-zah] — visa

права [prah-VAH] — rights

человек [cheh-lah-VYEHK] — human, person

права человека [prah-VAH cheh-lah-VYEH-kah] — human rights

вконтакте [vkahn-TAHK-tyeh] — Vkontakte, "In contact"

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