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Source: Sergey Lavrentev / 123RF.COM

Source: Sergey Lavrentev / 123RF.COM

In this episode of Ruspod Shorts we will learn some words that are quite essential for your survival in Russia.

A popular Russian online magazine, The Village, has recently asked several foreigners living in Russia, "What Russian words did you learn first, and why?"

Turns out, we at Ruspod have already covered the bigger part of that list, but there were some words we haven't gotten to yet — and they are quite essential for your survival in Russia. So we're fixing it in this episode of Ruspod Shorts.

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да нет, наверное [dah nyet nah-VYEHR-nah-yeh] — probably no, but I'm not sure

конечно [kah-NYEH-chnah] — of course

ладно [LAHD-nah] — ОК, yes

можно [MOHZH-nah] — may I?

молоко [mah-LAH-koh] — milk

кефир [kyeh-FEER] — kefir

регистрация [ryeh-gee-STRAH-tsy-yah] — registration, check-in

сдача [SDAH-chah] — change (money)

серьезно [sehr'-YOH-znah] — seriously

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