Moscow mayor election

Source: Aquaswim /123RF.COM

Source: Aquaswim /123RF.COM

The whole story plus a lot of basic political vocabulary - in this episode of Ruspod Shorts.

An unusual thing happened in Moscow last week: for the first time in 10 years, there was a mayoral election. Even more unusual, there was a real oppositional candidate. A borderline crazy part of the story is that the elections were closely observed by independent contollers, who prevented massive fraud.

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голос [GOH-las] - voice, vote

голосование [goh-loh-soh-VAH-nee-yeh] - voting

выбор [VYH-bor] - choice

выборы [VYH-boh-ryh] - election

парламент [pahr-LAH-myent] - parliament

Дума [DOO-mah] - Duma, the Russian Parliament

депутат [dyeh-poo-TAHT] - deputy, lawmaker

партия [PAHR-tee-yah] - political party

кандидат [kahn-dee-DAHT] - candidate

мэр [mehr] – mayor

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