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Source: Iimages /123RF.COM

Source: Iimages /123RF.COM

Learn all kinds of non-alcoholic drinks you can get in Russia.

When you see words "Russian" and "drink" in the same sentence, you kind of expect to also see "vodka" or "alcohol." We're breaking this pattern in this episode of Ruspod Shorts: learn all kinds of non-alcoholic beverages you can get in Russia, including everything from cola to tea, from juice to kvass.

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напиток [nah-PEE-tahk] - a drink, a beverage

газировка [gah-zee-ROHV-kah] - soda drink

квас [kvahss] - kvass

вода [vah-DAH] - water

газированная вода [gah-zee-ROH-vahn-nah-yah vah-DAH] - soda water

вода без газа [vah-DAH byez GAH-zah] - still water, lit. "water without gas"

сок [sohk] - juice

лимонад [lee-moh-NAHD] - lemonade

чай [chai] - tea

кофе [KOH-fyeh] - coffee

холодный [kho-LOHD-nyi] – cold

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