Olympics: Introduction

Source: Eugine Zakharov / Lori

Source: Eugine Zakharov / Lori

In this episode of Ruspod Shorts, we’ll talk about upcoming Sochi Olympics, sports and weather.

Today's episode of Ruspod Shorts is the first in a series of podcasts in which we use the upcoming Sochi Olympic Games as a starting point to learn more useful Russian vocabulary. We start with some basic vocabulary about the Games, sports and weather.

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Олимпиада [ah-leem-pee-AH-dah] — Olympics

Олимп [ah-LEEMP] — Olympus

Олимпийский [ah-leem-PEEY-skeey] — Olympic

игра [eeg-RAH] — game

Олимпийские Игры [ah-leem-PEEY-skee-yeh eeg-ryh] — Olympic Games

Сочи [SOH-chee] — Sochi

зима [zee-MAH] — winter

лето [LYEH-tah] — summer

холодно [KHOH-lah-dnah] — it's cold

жарко [ZHAHR-kah] — it's hot

снег [snyeg] — snow

болеть [bah-LYET'] — 1. to be ill 2. to hurt 3. to root for somebody

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