Olympics: Settling in

Source: iimages /123RF.COM

Source: iimages /123RF.COM

In this episode of Ruspod Shorts, we’ll talk about how to settle in after coming in the hotel from the airport.

So you came to Sochi to support your national team; you managed to go through all the hussle at the airport, got yourself a taxi and arrived at the hotel. Now you stand in the hall, suitcase in your hand, and you search in your head for things to say in Russian. It’s this episode of Ruspod Shorts that you're trying to remember.

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отель [ah-TEHL'] — hotel

регистрация [ryeh-gee-STRAH-tsyh-yah] — registration

номер [NOH-myer] — 1. number 2. hotel room

ключ [klyooch] — key

карта [KAHR-tah] — 1. card 2. map

сервис [SYEHR-vees] — service

завтрак [ZAHF-truk] — breakfast

кафе [kah-FEH] — cafe

где [gdyeh] — where

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