Olympics: The Games

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Artisticco LLC / 123RF.COM

With the Sochi Olympics just three months away, we thought you might want to learn some actual sports vocabulary.

All kinds of winter fun — skiing, skating, ice hockey, and so on — plus some special Olympic terms are waiting for you in the 4th episode of the Olympic series of Ruspod Shorts.

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спорт [sport] — sport

вид спорта [veed spor-tah] — a kind of sports

старт [start] — start

финиш [FEE-nish] — finish

сноуборд [sno-oo-BOHRD] — snowboard

хоккей [khah-KEHY] — hockey

лыжи [LYH-zhyh] — ski, skiing

коньки [kahn'-KEE] — skates

кататься [kah-TAHT'-syah] — to drive/skate/ski around

трамплин [trahm-PLEEN] — springboard

санки [SAHN-kee] — sleigh, sledge

открыть [aht-KRYT'] — open

закрыть [zah-KRYT'] — close

открытие [aht-KRYH-tee-yeh] — opening, discovery

закрытие [zah-KRYH-tee-yeh] — closing

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