Olympics: Getting in

Source: pilart  /123RF.COM

Source: pilart  /123RF.COM

Sochi 2014 is coming soon. Here is all the vocabulary you need for being at the stadium.

Another one for the sports fans. If you want to go and see the Sochi Olympics - or if you want to see any game anywhere in Russia - you'll need to know how to buy tickets, how to find your way to the stadium, and then how not to get lost once you're inside of it. All the vocabulary that you will need to appear in the right place at the right time is in this episode of Ruspod Shorts.

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расписание [rahs-pee-SAH-nee-yeh] - schedule

билет [bee-LYEHT] - ticket

Олимпиада [ah-leem-pee-AH-dah] - Olympics

лыжи [LYH-zhyh] - ski

трибуна [tree-BOOH-nah] - tier

место [MYES-tah] - place, seat

стадион [stah-dee-OHN] - stadium

ряд [ryahd] - row

вход [fkhod] - entrance

выход [VYH-khod] – exit

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