Olympics: Unhealthy interest

Image: Olga Shumailova/123RF.COM

Image: Olga Shumailova/123RF.COM

Today's episode deals with the most exciting part of any sports event: competition.

Image: Olga Shumailova/123RF.COM

The thrill of winning, the frustration of losing, and the strange connection that exists between the athletes and their fans. Also, learn how the concept of rooting is linked to being ill in the Russian language.

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болеть [bah-LYEHT'] — to root, to be ill

я болею [yah bah-LYEH-yuh] — I'm rooting (for smb); I'm ill

болельщик [bah-LYEHL'-scsheek] — fan

команда [kah-MAHN-dah] — team

фанат [phah-NAT] — fan

победа [pah-BYEH-dah] — victory

победитель [pah-BYEH-dee-tyehl'] — winner

медаль [myeh-DAHL'] — medal

золото [ZOH-lah-toh] — gold

серебро [syeh-ryeh-BROH] — silver

бронза [BROHN-zah] — bronze

первый [PYERH-vyi] — first

второй [VTAH-roy] — second

третий [TRYEH-tiy] — third 


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