Best of 2014: Editors’ choice

The game goes on? Source: Ahmad Masood / Reuters

The game goes on? Source: Ahmad Masood / Reuters

Throughout 2014, RBTH has brought you breaking news, interesting interviews, beautiful photo galleries and captivating long features. While we are proud of all the content we’ve presented to you over the past 12 months, we all have our favorite stories. Here are our picks for the must-read stories of the year.

1) The game goes on: Russia, the USSR and Afghanistan, yesterday and today

This long read examined the legacy of Russia’s involvement in Afghanistan through words, pictures and videos

Drawing by Konstantin Maler

2) An asymmetrical culture war fought in the movies

This opinion text explored the way pop culture influences the way Russians see Americans, and vice versa.

Many of hipsters now instagram their look with a carpet on the wall at the background as a funny 'old-school' tradition. Source: PhotoXpress

3) Unrolling the Russian carpet

If you wondered why Russians hang rugs on the wall, this text is for you

Alexander Solzhenitsyn gives his first news conference in the West since being expelled from Russia, calling for a campaign of passive resistance to Communist rule and ideology, at his home in Zurich, in November 16, 1974. Source: AP

4) Solzhenitsyn’s foresight on Ukraine proves eerily prescient

As the tensions between Russia and Ukraine exploded, we took a look back at the words of one of Russia’s most famous dissidents, who almost predicted the conflict.

Sergei Dovlatov lived in New York from 1979-1990. In his apartment on 63rd Drive he wrote his most famous books. Source: Persoval archive

5) Dovlatov Way finds its way to New York City

A grassroots campaign by fans of Sergei Dovlatov made his name the first of a Russian writer on a New York City street sign rather than Tolstoy or Chekhov

All foreigners are afraid of traffic jams in Moscow, but few are aware of an online service that shows the current state of the roads in real time. Source: Lori / Legion Media

6) City of Opportunity

Ever considered living in Moscow? This text will help convince you.


A Russian soldier with an Araldo accordion is posing with an American G.I. during a meeting of soldiers from both armies in Torgau, Germany, 26th April 1945. Source: Ullstein bild / Vostockphoto

7) Russia and the U.S. working together to lay war dead to rest

Even in difficult geopolitical times, the U.S. and Russia found a way to put aside their differences to assist in the recovery of the remains of lost World War II soldiers.

Many Russians rely principally on television as their news source. Source: RIA Novosti

8) The downing of MH-17: What ordinary Russians think

RBTH took to the streets and the blogosphere to go behind the reporting of the MH-17 tragedy and see what Russians thought happened to the plane.

David Duchovny: 'You have something to be proud of'. Source: YouTube

9) David Duchovny takes Russia’s internet by storm

The former X-Files star wasn’t afraid to embrace his Russian heritage when he decided to film an ad for Sibirskaya Korona beer

The video filmed by Russian parody duo “Bonya and Kuzmich” has scored over 2 million views on YouTube. Source: YouTube

10) Urals village parody of Kiesza’s “Hideaway” goes viral

And the Russian internet never fails as a source of laughs. Check out this video spoof that went viral.

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