Seven fairytale animals that actually exist in Russia

Did you think that Winnie the Pooh and the Frog Princess were just characters in storybooks? Then you haven’t been to Russia! RBTH has found photographic evidence of seven famous fairytale creatures (or at least their Russian equivalents).

Cat Bayun (Cat ‘the sleep-maker’)

This ginormous feline possesses a lulling voice and features in many Russian fables. But he's far from a good kitty. Legend has it that he would await unsuspecting voyagers on the road, put their senses of awareness to sleep with his soft purr and then take them for all they had. The cat we found, however, seems to be a rookie and is putting the infant to sleep without any bad intentions – and he succeeds!

Source: YouTube


The crow and the fox from the famous fable by Ivan Krylov

A crow who found a slice of cheese

Looked for a perch among the trees

And, mounting on a spruce at last,

She was about to break her fast,

But for some reason she did pause

And held her breakfast in her jaws.

A fox comes by (the fragrance drew him near)

And he begins to flatter to to speak:

"You are so beautiful, my dear!

As with all of Krylov's fables the moral of the story is pretty clear before the end, as is the outcome in this video, perhaps. Hmmmm, now we know where Krylov went to get inspiration for his fables...

Source: YouTube


Winnie the Pooh

This beloved fairytale character needs no introduction. The Russian version – Vinnie Puh – has a real passion for hunting for honey (or condensed milk when honey is sparse) and lives life by one simple rule: don't be afraid to look silly. Even if you do have a mouth full of condensed milk.

Source: YouTube


The Little Raccoon from Lilian Moore's children's novel

The main character of this novel, as you may remember from your childhood bedtime stories, is Little Raccoon, a precocious and curious young creature. But it was also scared. Scared of its own reflection in the water.

Had Little Raccoon lived in Russia, like the raccoon in this video, it would have had to man up (or rather woman up) and face its fears. Masha the raccoon, from a wildlife sanctuary in Siberia’s Krasnoyarsk Territory, doesn't have the luxury of being of afraid of her reflection. Like a real Russian woman (and very much unlike Lilian Moore's protagonist), Masha uses the water not as a mirror to gaze upon her reflection but rather to wash her boyfriend Artyom's shirts.

Source: YouTube


Grandfather Mazai and the Hares

What was earlier thought to be a famous Russian fairytale about a good-hearted old man named Mazai who saves a family of hares from a flood now seems to be a not so rare occurrence in real life. Here in Russia we love these fluffy balls of joy and are always ready to extend a helping hand to our brothers in need. We present to you exhibit A and B (almost Grandfather Mazai).

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube


The Frog Princess

The Frog Princess is a fairy tale that has multiple versions with various origins. The Russian version maintains that there was a tsar who had three sons, and when the time came to get them all hitched, the head of the kingdom gave each of the young men a bow and arrow. The father commanded his sons to marry the one that the bow chooses. The eldest son struck the house of a respectable family, the middle son's precise aim led him to the home of a wealthy merchant family but the youngest one was directed to a...swamp, where he met his one true love.

As we all know, the frog turned out to be a beautiful princess who had the misfortune of a curse being cast upon her and they all lived happily ever. Our real life frog princess seems to be not so indifferent to the cameraman...

Source: YouTube


The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats

A  Brothers Grimm classic, The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats tells the story of seven goats that have yet to go through the school of life as they open the door for the scary Big Bad Wolf while their mother ventures out into the forest to find food. In Russia, however, they gang up on the Big Bad Wolf and show him what they're made of with their Big Bad Mama in the lead. Keep it up, kids! 

Source: YouTube


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