‘I love you and your chicken soup’: Russians confess their love online

Valentine’s Day continues to grow in popularity in Russia.

Valentine’s Day continues to grow in popularity in Russia.

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Valentine’s Day, the romantic holiday that is celebrated all throughout the West, is gaining ground in Russia too. In the run-up to Feb. 14, RBTH has selected some of the most original confessions of love made by Russians on social media.

Bright paint, brushes, white walls – unleash your inner artist and tell the whole world how you feel (or, at least, your neighborhood):

(“Katya, I love you and your chicken soup,” the writing says)

There are even more original ways of saying I love you: Here is a confession of love floating on the surface of a town pond:

This one has been made with the help of friends (the best friend must be the exclamation mark, obviously):

Here somebody recruited the aid of neighbors from their student dormitory:

Russian men’s favorite hobby all the year round is fishing. Fishing in winter is quite hard, and these men have dedicated their hard-won catches to their beloved:

Some men confess their love to one who will never betray them:

A time-consuming declaration of love: What is more difficult – sticking them on or taking them off?

The most devoted admirers not only try to win a woman’s heart, but also to leave a mark in her life forever:

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