The 5th Conference of Conde Nast Digital Day

The 5th annual Condé Nast Digital Day conference will take place April 10th. This year, its motto is “Window to the future: how technology is changing media, business, and our lives”. As always, CNDD will bring together the foremost specialists from different business arenas: digital and marketing, digital media and online advertising.

The experts will talk about the latest developments in digital media space, present the most recent achievements in the sphere of e-commerce, and discuss tendencies in digital technology’s permeation into art and culture.

Among the conference’s speakers is Robert Triefus (Gucci), who will share his experience in developing the international brand in the digital world. The forum will also include a very current presentation by Italian Vanity Fair CEO Luca Dini about bloggers’ influence on journalism and the fashion industry.

David-Michael Davis, President of the Webby Awards, will recap the year’s most creative advertisements. And the Executive Director of Russia’s online auction house Christie’s Guy Vizi will talk about tendencies in digital art in the section on new technology’s influence on culture.

Maxim Kashulinsky, CEO of the online news portal, will take part in the section dedicated to the future of finance, while internet-producer, and the head of the online project “Russian Fashion” Denis Solopov is expected to give a talk on the best uses of digital technology in sales.

The conference will also feature a presentation by LuisaViaRoma CEO Andrea Panconesi of her online supermarket, where she will tell audiences the story of her personal success.  Google Russia CEO Yuliya Solovyova will share her vision of the future of technology.

The topic of development of electronic payments will be covered by presenters Vladimir Valyugin, Executive Chairman of PayPal in Russia, Pyotr Darakhvelidtse, Director of Development at WebMoney Transfer, and Fyodor Virin. An expert in the field of research and online marketing, entrepreneur, and business trainer.  Ozon Holdings CEO Maelle Gavet will share with participants the secrets of her company’s development.

CNDD is an annual conference, which hosts over 500 experts from all fields of business: advertising and marketing professionals, media managers and retailers, developers and producers of high-end goods and services. The conference features discussions on the most current issues related to digital marketing, new media, and the rapidly growing digital universe. Having started as a corporate seminar for top managers of Condé Nast Russia, CNDD has evolved into a full-fledged forum, which attracts leading specialists from Russia, Europe, and the USA.

10 April 2014

Digital October

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