1st International Conference 'Education for Business in the Era of Evolutionary Changes'

In the education sector around the world there are new evolutionary trends that can lead to a change of the existing educational paradigm in the era of post-industrial society:

- The demographical situation in the world changes, the mobility of the population increases, the cloud technologies and flexible forms of employment are developing;

- From year to year the number of innovative technologies increases, the new innovative industries arise that requires the acceleration of processes of educational activities, development and testing of new teaching methods;

- The requirements of consumers to the courses content are changing, the consumer becomes more focused on action-oriented educational programs and on the presence of a unique application content;

- There is an intensive development of common open online courses (MOOC) and distance learning programs.

These challenges are typical for the market of additional professional education of the Russian Federation, the main task of which is the preparation of highly qualified managers and increase in the level of economic development of Russia as a result of the development of human capital.

In order to join the representatives of the state, business and education we organize the 1st International Conference "Education for Business in the Era of Evolutionary Changes," which will be held on November 17-18, 2014 in the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

The conference is aimed to consolidate efforts of government agencies, educational institutions and the business community on the issues of quality improvement, development of standards of business education and the formation of public demand for the maintenance of programs of additional professional education in Russia.

For the first time a single site will crowd together government, business and education representatives in order to discuss the needs of the business in the improvement of management skills of company personnel in the context of global evolutionary changes.

We invite for participation in the 1st International Conference "Education for Business in the Era of Evolutionary Changes" all those interested in the development of business education in the country, improvement of their own skills or skills of the staff - representatives of educational institutions and government agencies; top managers and experts from leading corporations; entrepreneurs; representatives of recruitment agencies and public organizations.

We are waiting for you at the conference!

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