Doing Business with The Eurasia Economic Union

A session of the Eurasian Economic Commission's council on July 16, 2014 approve a preparatory working plan for the creation of the EEU on January 1, 2015.
This year, The Eurasia Center and The Eurasian Business Coalition will organize a very special Conference which will highlight the new opportunities ofDoing Business with The Eurasia Economic Union.  The Eurasia Economic Union will officially be launched on January 1, 2015. We are convening this Conference, given the high importance of understanding how the new Eurasian Union can improve opportunities and trade with centers of economic development, in one of the largest markets in the world, which unites more than 170 million people. A number of Fortune 500 companies are already trading in each or all of these nations and now their goods and services can be available within the common economic sphere that comprise 15% of the world's landmass. In addition, both Belarus and Kazakhstan are accelerating their accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO).
As former obstacles to trade are being removed in this vast free trade zone, its integration and understanding becomes important for the international business. Panelist will address vital topics of business, trade, energy, finance and investments. Officials from Eurasian nations will offer new opportunities from the privatization of state-owned companies and other enterprises and strategic areas of investment in Eurasia's regions. The Conference will included presentations on energy and natural resources, high technology, mergers and acquisitions, economic development and public support for investments.
As always, large corporations, mid-size and small enterprises as well as entrepreneurs are involved in The Eurasia Center's Eurasian Business Coalition's efforts to build better economic relations and build bridges for peace and to create jobs for the future both in Eurasia and here in America. The Eurasian Economic Union is a three trillion dollar GDP trading zone per year and there will be increasing opportunities for economic platforms of growth within the Union.
It is has been the mission of The Eurasia Center for the past 25 years to build those bridges of peace and understanding and through the Eurasian Business Coalition promoting economic progress and harmony. Representatives and business persons of all nations are welcome to participate in this Conference.
Panels Include: 
 The Launch of the Eurasian Economic Union, January 1, 2015

  • A Single Economic Space: A Common Market for goods, services, capital and labor, in order to establish coherent industrial, transport, energy and agricultural policies
  • Analysis of Trade Development in Eurasia – Sector-by-Sector, Country by Country
  • Legal and Financial Developments concerning new Regulations on Trade
  • Opportunities to trade profitably in non-sanctioned areas and the affect of sanctions on trade
  • Bilateral & Multilateral Support for Business in Eurasia, Infrastructure Development, PPP , InfrastructureI, Infrastructure, Infrast, Infrastructureructure
  • Will the Energy Sector Rebound in Eurasia? New Exploration Initiatives and the New Energy Paradigm in view of shale gas development in the USA, the Gas Crisis
  • New Market and Investment Opportunities in Eurasia's Regions, Diversification
This event allows participants to interact with those in Eurasia seeking to expand multi-lateral trade, direct investments, business opportunities and open communication. Participants at the conference will speak with the new Russian Trade Representative to the United States, representatives from Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Armenia as well as experts who have years of experience in doing business in Eurasia. Executives from numerous US corporations and officials from different countries will attend.

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