Rambler-Afisha runs a number of online media outlets, including Afisha.ru, Lenta.ru and Motor.ru, as well as contextual advertising service Begun. Another property of the group, Rambler.ru, positions itself as a media tech platform, aggregating content from 2,000 publishers across the country.

The Rambler-Afisha group was formed in 2010 by merging the Internet assets of its main shareholder, ProfMedia, which is owned by Russian tycoon Vladimir Potanin. ProfMedia’s portfolio also includes TV channels TV3, MTV Russia, and 2×2 as well as several radio stations and film companies.

SUP Media is best known in the West for being the parent company of blogging platform Livejournal, although it also owns Gazeta.ru and Championat.com among other titles, as well as +Sol, a leading online media sales house.

The deal will reportedly see SUP Media head, Russian billionaire Alexander Mamut, take up the role of managing shareholder and chairman of the board of directors for the new company. More detail around the financial specifics of the merger have not been disclosed.

First published in East-West Digital News.