Legend No. 17 at the Russian Film Week in NYC

7:00 PM School of Visual Arts, Silas Theater
333 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011

Russia 2013 | 134 min | 6+

Production Company: Three T Productions

Director: Nikolay Lebedev

Writer: Mikhail Mestetcky, Nikolay Kulikov, Nikolay Lebedev

Producer: Leonid Vereshchagin, Anton Zlatopolsky, Nikita Mikhalkov

Starring:  Danila Kozlovsky, Oleg Menshikov, Svetlana Ivanova, Vladimir Menshov, Alexander Lobanov, Sergey Genkin, Roman Madyanov, Darya Ekamasova.

The Summit Series of September 1972 in Montreal. At the height of the Cold War, the Soviet national hockey team won the opening game against the NHL’s Team Canada 7 – 3, surprising the hockey community and the Western world at large.

For the Soviet team, virtually unknown in North America, the match wasn’t just about sportsmanship; it was a chance to unveil the strength of their country to the millions of viewers.  The game introduced the world to a new hockey star, player #17 Valeri Kharlamov, who scored two goals, catapulting himself to athletic stardom.

To the world, he will be known as simply “#17.” His dream – rooted in perseverance, talent, and lifelong lessons of Coach Anatoly Tarasov made #17 a legend of the world hockey.

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