Vladimir Baranov-Rossine: From Cubism to Surrealism

St Petersburg Gallery in London specialises in exhibiting and selling Russian paintings and works of art from the 18th to mid-20th centuries, Impressionist paintings and modern European art. This time, the gallery presents works of the artist Vladimir Baranov-Rossiné.

For the first time in Europe in over thirty years, his life is vividly documented through a heady array of works, many of which originate from the artist’s family collection and have never been shown before.

This exciting collection right in the heart of Mayfair is not only of great interest for collectors but for scholars too. Explorations into Chevreul’s colour theory lead seamlessly through to the invention of the Optophone, and it strikes you that these vivid works were the inevitable result of a perfect synthesis between science and the arts. One of the original glass plates from this audio-visual instrument is placed alongside a paint-stained palette that still displays Baranov-Rossine’s personal colour rules.

The exhibition is also an opportunity to see unique polychromatic works, which were later considered crucial to the development of Cubo-Futurist sculpture. Undoubtedly some of the most significant works of art to be exhibited today, only five of these exceptional constructions are known to survive; one in the collection of MoMA, (New York), one at Georges Pomidou (Paris), three on show here at St Petersburg Gallery. Other highlights include Maternity, a rare early work from a private collection that dates from 1910, and the stunning Nymphs and Centaurs series that demonstrate the artist’s groundbreaking Orphistic technique. 

On the cool dark walls of St Petersburg Gallery, the selected works are simply and beautifully presented, radiating out like bright autumn leaves against a slate grey sky. Truly original, Baranov-Rossine’s innovative work must be seen up close to be believed, each piece being a microcosmic fragment of a whole wealth of ideas and philosophies. As through the eye of an insect, spectators will be dazzled with colour, hypnotised by the remarkable vision of this ‘genie multiple’.

For more information visit the website of St Petersburg Gallery.


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