World Russia Forum 2014 in Washington, DC

We are pleased to invite you to participate in our 34nd annual US - Russia Forum in Washington, DC dedicated to the promotion of mutually beneficial US - Russia security, business,  science, education, and cultural cooperation.

The Forum’s session with the leading American and Russian experts will be held on Monday, June 16 at the U.S. Senate, Hart Senate Office Building, Room 902 followed by the Russian Embassy reception. It is organized by the American University in Moscow with our close partners Eurasia Center in Washington, DC and Russian Center in NY.

On Tuesday, June 17 we will discuss U.S. – Russia educational and cultural cooperation followed by the Concert program with the prominent American and Russian performers at the Russian Cultural Center.

The current crisis in Ukraine which many see as a result of U.S. - Russia geopolitical confrontation underscores once again the urgent necessity of developing a new foreign policy agenda that will benefit both American and Russian long term strategic interests.

The current polcy of threatening and implementing sanctions which seems to be presently a favorite one not only would not achieve its ultimate results but most likely will be no less damaging to the Western geopolitical, security and economic interests.

It is extremely important for both Washington and Moscow to rise above the level of mutual finger pointing. From our perspective, U.S. policymakers, spokespersons and public commentators need to recognize that restoring trust, dialogue and mutual respect with the only other major thermonuclear power on the planet is absolutely crucial for our national security and the peace of the world. The US and Russia have fundamentally compatible interests on terrorism, proliferation of WMD, piracy, illegal cyber activity, drug trafficking, climate change, and many other areas.

Please join us for the discussion on these important subjects with the group of leading American and Russian Experts on Monday, June 16, 2014 from 1.00 to 5.00 PM at the Hart Senate Office Building, Room 902.

The discussion will be followed by the reception hosted by his Excellency Sergei Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador in Washington.


Sergei Kislyak - Russian Ambassador to Washington
James Carden - former advisor to the State Department
Steven Cohen - New York University & Princeton
Robert Legvold - Columbia University
Jack Matlock - former US Ambassador to Moscow
Mark Ritchie - Secretary of State, MN
Matthew Rojansky - Director, Kennan Institute
Michael Stopford - former NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Strategic Communications.

Additional information and registration

June 16-17, 2014 Hart Senate Office Building, Room 902 Washington; 1.00 to 5.00 PM

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