Dressing the screen: A festival of avant-garde fashion and video

Kenzo men collection 2009, a screen shot from a fashion film. Source: Courtesy of the British Council

A festival of avant-garde fashion and video takes place on June 19 and 20 at Tsvetnoy Central Market in Moscow.

The program includes an exhibition tracing the history of fashion film from 1910 till today and the best modern British fashion films from the last three years, selected by Nilgin Yusuf (creator and program director of MA Fashion Media Production at London University of Arts). Also, it includes workshop program which allows UK filmmakers teach technology of fashion film. Such programs have already been run in Bosnia, the Philippines, China, Indonesia, Nigeria and Russia.

The festival “Dressing the screen” is a worldwide program delivered by the British Council which focuses on fashion films which are the mediators for fashion in the digital sphere. In some cases it even replaced the traditional fashion industry because it gains more popularity becoming an art more than an industry.

“Dressing the screen” has come to Russia already for the second time. Last year group of Russian filmmakers and fashion designers working with British directors made eleven fashion films which premiered at London Fashion Week as a part of the International Fashion Showcase in February 2014.


Thursday, June 19

12:00–13:00 «Beauty on film»

A masterclass by art director, Anna Gavrilova

13:30–15:00 Directing fashion films: public talk by filmmaker Martin Monk

Supported by RED Digital

15:30–17:00 Fashion film graphics and post-production masterclass

With the founders of video art collective 4S4R

18:00–19:00 Documentary film screening:

A Savage Life in Fashion

19:00–21:00 «Emerging and established voices in fashion film»

Nilgin Yusuf public talk on current trends and the future of fashion film + questions from the audience


Friday, June 20

12:00–13:30 Live fashion-film shoot with Kirill Vychkin

Shooting a 45 second film with one model and five looks by Russian designers. The film will premiere online at www.tsvetnoy.com

15:00–16:30 «Stop-Motion>Move Fashion» stop motion animation workshop

From the founders of «Working Title» video production

17:30–18:30 Documentary film screening:

Kate! The Making of an Icon

18:30–19:00 New Russian Fashion in Film

Screening of 14 Russian films, which premiered at London Fashion Week in February 2014

19:00–21:00 Russian experts round-table

(moderated by Maria Pudan ffdigest.ru and Julia Gordina, British Council)


Read more about the festival here

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