The NET Festival

For 15 years now, the NET Festival (New European Theatre) has been bringing plays by Europe’s major directors and high-quality mainstream theatre to Moscow. Many of the directors were brought to Moscow for the first time by the NET festival and have since become regulars of the Russian capital’s theatre scene and coveted tour participants. At various times, their ranks have included Jan Fabre, Alvis Hermanis, Viktor Bodó, and Katie Mitchell.

“When we were selecting plays for the NET 2014 programme, we had to limit ourselves to one concept,” said the NET Festival’s art director Marina Davydova. “We wanted to bring every single play over and show it. And, it happened, as it often does, that when the festival’s programme was complete and Russian plays were added to it, we realized, that from an outsider’s perspective, the trends, formal peculiarities, quests and attempts at self-reflection of European theatre had all become a natural part of the Russian theatre space. In other words, Russian theatre had become a part of European theatre.

“We’ll see the performative plays of Katie Mitchell, as well as Dmitry Volostrelov; we’ll see how Michael Thalhaimer and Kirill Serebrennikov each work with the genre social theatre; and we’ll see how Konstantin Bogomolov and the severe, provocative theatre of Kornél Mundruczó each toe the line of decency. These directors operate in a variety of styles, but it is clear their plays hit the same currents: a common theatre space is finding its bearings. In terms of theatre, modern-day Russia is Europe. And that, in and of itself, is the main theme of this year’s festival.”

The NET Festival (New European Theatre)

7 November - 11 December

Tickets: +7 965 224 24 67 (Monday-Friday 12.00-20.00)

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