Treasure Box: Lifting the lid on a ‘life in jewels’

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On Feb. 24, Unicorn Press will present “Treasure Box”, a rare glimpse into a private jewellery collection that provides a unique journey tracing the lives, loves and tribulations of a family through personal and historic milestones, across Russia and the Soviet Union, for over a century. The spectacular pieces, many from talented masters unknown to the West, span generations, cultural heritage and stylistic influences and act as intimate storytellers of one family’s passage through the 20th century.

Texts from the collector provide personal context while those of jewellery historian and expert Vivienne Becker, and artistic images by specialist jewellery photographer Paul Hartley, lay bare the intimate connection between a woman and her jewels. Linking the past with the present this book incorporates family heirlooms and contemporary pieces spanning the period from the late 19th century to modern day. Detailed, striking photography brings to life the fusion of influences in traditional Azerbaijani craftsmanship, jewels from Tsarist Russia, exquisite pieces created behind the Iron Curtain in Soviet jewellery factories – and unknown to most of the world; as well as modern pieces by world leaders such as Bulgari, Cartier and Chopard.

“This jewel box is eclectic, all-embracing, reaching from the classic and traditional to the ultra-modern; from collective, ritualistic, mystical objects to fashionable expressions of individuality and personal style. Very much a family jewel box, this is also a family of jewels; it is, quite simply, the joy of jewels,” Vivienne Becker says.


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