"Meetings on the Elbe River" film screening at the Library of Congress

The American-Russian Cultural Cooperation Foundation (ARCCF) premieres Award-winning new Russian Film Release MEETINGS ON THE ELBE RIVER (Love on the Ashes of War)

Washington DC: The American-Russian Cultural Cooperation Foundation (ARCCF) will host the North American public premiere of Mira Todorovskaya’s award-winning new release Meetings on the Elbe River on Wednesday, September 16 at the US Library of Congress with the participation of the Film’s Director.

The film won The Golden Boat award at the Window on Europe Film Festival in Vyborg near St. Petersburg in August. Ms. Todorovskaya, a prominent Russian film director, will travel from Moscow and participate in both screenings.

Meetings on the Elbe River, subtitled Love on the Ashes of War, is based on a historic event at the close of the Second World War in Europe. Thematically inspired by eye-witness recollections and reflections of Pyotr Todorovsky, the film’s screenwriter and late husband of Ms. Todorovksya, the film focuses on the historic meeting between Russian and American troops on the Elbe River and the friendship and love that blossomed between them. 

Pyotr Todorovsky, who serves as the model for the film’s hero, was a 21 year old Russian soldier at the end of the war which cost Russia 27 million lives. Mr. Todorvosky became a leading force in Russian film art with scores of film credits, including the popular “Intergirl” and “Wartime Romance” which was nominated for an Oscar as Best Foreign Film.

The film Meetings on the Elbe River is being introduced to Americans as part of ARCCF’s year-long commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Allied Victory in World War II. ARCCF is pleased to share with American viewers this tribute to a historic period of friendship and good will between Russian and American allies.

Premiere at the Library of Congress, Wednesday September 16, 2015

6:30 pm – Reception  

7:10 pm – Program and Film Screening

About Mira Todorovskaya:

Mira Todorovskaya is the Founder of the “Mirabel” Film Studio “Mirabel” and a film producer, director and screenwriter. Over 30 documentary and feature films were based on her screenplays. Many of them were created in cooperation with her late husband Pyotr Todorovsky, whose “Wartime Romance” was nominated for an Oscar as Best Foreign Film.

About the American-Russian Cultural Cooperation Foundation:

Founded in 1992 by a small group of distinguished Americans concerned about developing a positive relationship between the United States and the newly formed Russian Federation based on the mutual appreciation of art, history and culture, the ARCCF has continuously arranged numerous presentations in both the visual and performing arts at the Kennedy Center, the Library of Congress, and other major venues in Washington DC, and has organized major exhibitions in the U.S. and in Russia seen by over a million visitors.  

ARCCF’s most recent exhibition, “The Tsar and the President,” presented the history of amicable relations between Tsar Alexander II and American President Abraham Lincoln as well as their contributions to the liberation and emancipation of those in bondage. The exhibition was hosted by the State Archive of the Russian Federation in Moscow and the “Tsarskoye Selo” State Museum in St. Petersburg in 2011.  Each year, ARCCF highlights a major event from the joint pages of our history for the past 200 years. 

In 2013, ARCCF celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the Russian Navy Fleets visits to New York and San Francisco, and presented Igor Butman and Wynton Marsalis with the Annual ARCCF Foundation Award.  In May 2015, ARCCF commemorated the 70th Anniversary of the Joint Victory of World War II.

Supporters of the Film’s Premiere:

The ARCCF is pleased to recognize its Board Members Joseph P. Duffey, Ambassador John Beyrle, Eugene Lawson and Susan Lehrman, for their support of these screenings. We gratefully acknowledge ARCCF Advisory Board Member Dr. Billington for offering the Mumford Room at the Library of Congress for the film’s premiere.

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