Russian-American history month in New York

5th Russian-American History Month is celebrated in the state of New York.

The New York State authorities proclaimed April 2016 as Russian-American History Month. The annual event celebrates and honors the history of Russian Americans since 2012. This year the month-long celebration of Russian history and culture includes dozens of various events organized by coalition of Russian American organizations in New York State.

This year the month will be dedicated to the 55th anniversary of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s first space flight, which include various events.

Dawn of Manned Space Exploration

March 21 – May 20

An exhibition of photographs by notable Russian photographer Leonid Lazarev at Harriman Institute Atrium.

Yuri’s night

April 12

Yuri’s night - a series of space-themed parties around the world celebrating humanity and its accomplishments in space exploration with unifying theme of the anniversary of Gagarin’s 55 years ago launch to space. 

10th Children’s Festival of Russian Culture in NY

April 11 – April 24

The 10th anniversary Festival encompasses a broad range of elements, which include an international painting contest and children’s concert to celebrate the first manned flight in space. 

Russian Triumph Abroad

April 18

The film screening of the documentary Russian Triumph Abroad: A pioneer of the video era, engineer Poniatoff at NYU Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia. The documentary focuses on the life of Alexander Poniatoff, a Russian engineer who arrived in the US and founded his own company AMPEX.

“Total Dictation”

April 16

If you want to test your Russian language skills, you better participate in an exercise called “Totalnyi Dictant” (Total Dictation). It’s an event that aimed at testing Russian literacy worldwide.    

Want to spend a month exploring all things Russian? Don’t miss a chance to join the adventure.

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