10th Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair

Main cultural event of the region will be held from November 2-6


10th Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair (X KRYAKK) will be held from November 2-6, 2016.

During ten years of its work the Fair, organized by Mikhail Prokhorov Fund, has been visited by 400 thousand people altogether, who have become guests of more than one thousand different events; the number of publishing houses-exhibitors has been increased in a five-fold, and 450 tons of books have been brought to Krasnoyarsk, 340 tons of them given to the local libraries as consistent with the grant of Mikhail Prokhorov Fund.

Consequently, for the whole period of its existence Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair has strengthened presence in the region as one of the most significant and massive annual cultural event on the international level; also a unique format has been worked out giving the possibility of gathering book publishers, authors, readers, artists, performers, musicians, actors, directors, film experts and other people of culture, science and art in one united integrated thematic area.

The main theme of the Fair this year – “Modernity as dialogue with traditions” –  has become a landmark for the anniversary year. Is it possible to talk about one major cultural tradition or we should see the past as coexistence of several differently directed aesthetic trends influencing on the contemporaneity? Which way does the cooperation between global and local traditions take place and what factors determine the distinctive character of every culture? How is continuity in the world literature kept? The answers to all these and many other questions will be given by the organizers of the anniversary KRYAKK during the session of discussions, round-table conferences, seminars and other educational and thematic events both for adults and children in the International Exhibition and Business Center “Siberia” and on other cultural stages of Krasnoyarsk.


Vivid discussions about new literature as well as about Russian and world literature traditions are waiting for the participants of one of the landmark events of the KRYAKK – the open debates on the NOS Literary Prize, the results of them used to form the short list of nominees. The most emblematic example of dialogue between traditions and contemporaneity is a work of the last year NOS Literary Prize winner “Life of Danila Terentievich Zaitsev” which is not simply a piece of hagiographical literature but a tradition of saints’ lives description in the spirit of protopope Avvakum placed in a modern situation. We all see what trends of modern literature are going to influence the choice of the jury under the chairmanship of director Konstantin Bogomolov this year.   

Valery Fokin, Guzel Yakhina, Polina Barskova, Anton Dolin,  Leo Rubinshtein, Maria Galina, Anna Narinskaya, Elena Kostukovich, Victor Sonkin, Konstantin Milchin, Rosa Liksom (Finland), Andrew Dickson (the UK), Franz Hohler (Switzerland), Kjartan Fløgstad (Norway) and many other guests will also take part in discussions on the cultural traditions during the period of the Fair.

Plenty of time will be devoted to poetry – compilers and authors of Guide to Poetry will tell us about the form, the content and the poetry contest in different epochs and will organize master classes on reading and understanding poetry. What is more, the final of Russian National Poetry Slam will be waiting for all the poetry admirers.    

Parallel program

The Fair program, as usual, does not include the intellectual discussions only. The main theme of X KRYAKK will be demonstrated during the parallel program.

The first day of the Fair will be devoted to the concert of the Russian National Orchestra under the baton of Mikhail Pletnev, playing some pieces of such classical composers as Johann Hummel and Jean Sibelius.

The Theater of Nations will present an unusual handling of the novel written by French author of the 16th century François Rabelais – a play titled “Gargantua and Pantagruel” directed by Konstantin Bogomolov. The residents of Krasnoyarsk will have an opportunity to discuss the author’s interpretation of classics on the meeting with the main director.

A problem of connection between traditions and contemporaneity will be a crosscutting theme of multimedia program of exhibition “Reading as a phenomenon. Changes of the reading process”. The pavilions of “Siberia” will be used for the interactive installation “A&B” by the artist Viktor Sachivko, with help of which we will see the way the form of reading changes according to the contest – reading aloud, silently, from the screen. Visualization of classical texts of literature will be demonstrated by young designers in poster form, such as “Dostoevsky. Black and white” and “Inferno, purgatory, heaven” (based on Dante Alighieri’s poem).

A choice of theme for a competition of young fashion designers “Dress code” – “Wool. Traditions and innovations” – is somehow an homage to the mail topic of the anniversary KRYAKK. The Fair Child Program is also eventful as usually. Meetings with writers, numerous master classes, quizzes and interactive travel games will help the young visitors understand the past and will acquaint them with new forms of art and culture.     

Traditionally, the visitors of the International Exhibition and Business Center “Siberia” will be able to see the great exposition presenting new arrivals from almost 300 publishing houses, among which are such popular ones as “MIF”, “Alpina Publisher”, “Elena Shubina Editorial Office”, “Corpus”, “Bumkniga”, “NLO”, “Editorial office of Artemy Lebedev Studio”. Editorial office of arts books “The State Hermitage” and “Zakharov” publishing house, which has exclusive rights to detective fiction of Boris Akunin, will become the participants of the Fair for the first time.

The Government of Krasnoyarsk region and the administration of the city of Krasnoyarsk are committed partners of Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair.

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