Russia developing new high-altitude stealth drone

The Obzor-1. Source: Press photo

The Obzor-1. Source: Press photo

Work will begin on a prototype for the Obzor-1 in 2016.

Russia is developing a high-altitude attack drone with stealth technology. 

According to a report prepared by the Myasischev Experimental Engineering Factory, the project, code-named Obzor-1, is being carried out by the Professor Zhukovsky Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute in collaboration with the Myasischev Experimental Engineering Factory.

The Obzor-1 has received an extended wing with high-impact weight, which will increase the unmanned aerial vehicle's aerodynamics. R&D for the drone will be completed in 2016 and work on the first prototype will then begin.

Further details of the UAV are not being disclosed. As is known from the Russian State Armament Program, the UAV's flight duration will not be less than 24 hours and the flight altitude will be no lower than 33,000 feet.

Currently, Russia does not posses high-altitude attack drones with long flight duration. The Orion-2, a drone produced by the Kronstadt Company, can fly for 20 to 60 hours, but was developed for middle-altitude usage.

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