Defense Ministry tested entire command vertical by carrying out test missile launches

Tu-160 launched cruise missiles at ground targets on the firing ranges Pemboi and Kura

A routine exercise aimed at testing the command system, in which missiles of various purposes were launched, has been conducted in the Russian Armed Forces, the Russian Defense Ministry has reported.

"The exercise testing the reliability of the passage of combat-training orders and signals along the entire command vertical, from the Russian National Defense Management Center to the command points of formations and military units, inclusive," the Russian Defense Ministry's press service and information department said in a report obtained by Interfax-AVN on Oct. 30.

The event involved the formations and military units of the Strategic Missile Troops, the Northern and Pacific fleets, the Caspian flotilla and the far-range aviation.

The report states that the Strategic Missile Troops' crew has launched an intercontinental ballistic missile Topol from the cosmodrome Plesetsk.

"The strategic missile underwater cruisers Bryansk of the Northern fleet and Podolsk of the Pacific fleet have launched ballistic missiles from the Barents Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk," the Defense Ministry reported.

The crew of the missile boat Velikiy Ustyug of the Caspian flotilla fired a Kalibr cruise missile at a training target, the press release says.

The strategic missile carriers Tu-160 launched cruise missiles at ground targets on the firing ranges Pemboi, Komi Republic, and Kura, Kamchatka.

The crew of the operative-tactical system Iskander launched a cruise missile at a target on the firing range Kapustin Yar, the press release says.

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