“Dubl dva”. Modern debuts.

“Dubl dva”. Modern debuts.


The Third “Dubl dva” Internet Festival will officially open on the Rossiyskaya Gazeta website at 3pm on Wednesday 11 April. The theme for this year’s festival is directorial debuts.

A changing of the guards is suddenly taking place in the world of film. As if out of the blue, an entire galaxy of bold, young directors has appeared, each and every one of whom has a unique outlook on – and attitude towards – life. These are the people who have learned to be independent – independent from the government, independent from the box office, and independent from budget concerns. They have a degree of inner freedom that previous generations could only have dreamt of.

The aim of the festival is to make quality films accessible to a wider Internet audience bound neither by distance, nor by national borders.

Competition programme:

  • 11-12 April The Dove, directed by Sergei Oldenburg-Svintsov
  • 12-13 April Slackers, directed by Andrei Zaitsev
  • 13-14 April Ivanov, directed by Vadim Dubrovitsky
  • 14-15 April Missing Man, directed by Anna Fenchenko
  • 15-16 April Four Ages of Love, directed by Sergei Mokritsky
  • 16-17 April The Sparrow, directed by Yury Shiller
  • 17-18 April House of Wind, directed by Vyacheslav Zlatopolsky
  • 18-19 April Dust, directed by Sergei Loban
  • 19-23 April Screenings of the top three films.

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