India interested in Russian Superjet

The flights geography of Sukhoi Superjet 100 has good prospects for expansion. Source: Sukhoi

The flights geography of Sukhoi Superjet 100 has good prospects for expansion. Source: Sukhoi

Civil aviation projects will mark a new development trajectory for bilateral relations between Moscow and New Delhi.

The Russian plane arrived to the Indian capital from Moscow on Dec. 12 specially for the presentation in order to allow the local officials and entrepreneurs see it with their own eyes and assess the prospects of the project.

«It's the first time that we arrived in India on a new version of Sukhoi Superjet 100 and had the opportunity to demonstrate it to our Indian colleagues. Before that, it participated in a number of air shows in India - in Bangalore and Hyderabad, - the head of the United Aircraft Corporation Mikhail Pogosyan told RIR. According to him, the presentation of the Superjet will foment Indian colleagues' interest to participate in the project of producing this aircraft in India. 

To date, more than 30 Sukhoi Superjets 100 have been produced, and some of them purchased by the airlines of Mexico and the Southeast Asian countries. In the future the flight geography of Russian aircraft has good prospects for expansion.

«We are considering multifaceted cooperation with India: the provision of services, aviation equipment supplies as well as collaboration with the Indian industry,» - Pogosyan noted. He also added that the UAC is ready to continue its cooperation with the Indian public and private companies, including the establishment of joint ventures.

Future cooperation between Russia and India has already a solid ground to it, especially in the military aircraft industry. The program of licensed production of the Su-30 MKI was successfully realised in the recent past. Currently, the aircraft designers of the two countries are working on a project to create a fifth generation fighter. Now it is time for civil aviation.

«Civil aviation technology programs are a good opportunity to reach a whole new level,» - said Pogosyan.

The head of the KLA conducted a little tour of the Superjet for high Indian guests, demonstrating to them personally the competitive advantages of Russian civil aircraft. The aircraft is equipped with advanced avionics and electronics, as well as compact, which was duly appreciated.

«Great plane! - Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry of India Amitabh Kant expressed his admiration by the Superjet. Then he photographed it and promised to post the photo on his Twitter account in order to promote the Russian aerotechnics.

According to the local experts, Superjet entering the Indian market will not only strengthen the Russian-Indian cooperation in general, but will also become a springboard for the promotion of Russian aerotechnics in Asia, the world's most promising region in terms of air traffic growth.

Another promising project of Russia - India cooperation in the field of civil aviation is the short- to medium-haul passenger aircraft MS21.

«In 2015, we must ensure the assembly of the first aircraft for flight tests. As of now the documentation is almost complete, and the production of the main airframe components, the elements of fuselage and wing is underway. Our co-operative is working on their systems which we should receive in the beginning of next year in Irkutsk, in order to begin the process of aircraft assembly,» - the head of the KLA said.

Sukhoi Superjet 100 is a 100-seat aircraft of the new generation, developed and manufactured by JSC «Sukhoi Civil Aircraft» with the participation of Alenia Aermacchi. The first flight of the airliner took place in May 2008. Maximum cruising speed of Sukhoi Superjet 100 is 0.81 Mach and the cruising altitude is 12,200 m (40,000 ft). The length of the take-off strip for the base version of the aircraft is 1,731 m, for the version with the increased flight range – 2,052 m. The flight range for the base version is 3,048 km, for the version with the increased flight range – 4,578 km. Sukhoi Superjet 100 is equipped with two turbofan engines SaM 146 produced by PowerJet, joint venture between Snecma and NPO Saturn.

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