Russian army preparing for Indra-2015

Indian and Russian servicemen during Indra-2014 drills. Source: Kirill Braga / RIA Novosti

Indian and Russian servicemen during Indra-2014 drills. Source: Kirill Braga / RIA Novosti

Up to 250 troops from each side will participate in the drills in northern India’s Mahajan firing range.

Russian mechanized infantry in the south of the country is finishing preparations for its Indra-2015 drills with military units from India, the Russian Southern Military District press service said Thursday.

The drills will take place in November in northern India’s Mahajan firing range. The event will span 13 days, without the time needed for the redeployment of the troops’ contingents.

"At the moment, [the troops] are practicing the norms of marching, tactical, engineering, firing and medical training under the guidance of commanders of units. Special attention is being paid to the issues of military use of weapons, technical and special reconnaissance techniques and mastering techniques of life support and camouflage in combat missions," the district said in a statement.

Up to 250 troops from each side will participate in the drills.

Russia and India have been close partners in military and technical cooperation for decades. The countries collaborate in science and medicine, as well as infrastructure construction and nuclear energy.

The countries carried out the Indra Navy-2015 naval exercises in Russia’s Vladivostok in June.

In July 2014, the Russian Pacific Fleet and the Indian Navy conducted naval exercise Indra-2014 in the Sea of Japan, to train and improve joint naval actions and boost the countries' capability to counter maritime security threats.

The drills are conducted alternately in Russia and India.

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