New ballistic missile for 5th Gen nuclear submarines

The K-114 Tula nuclear submarine at a pier of the Russian Northern Fleet's naval base in the town of Gadzhievo.

The K-114 Tula nuclear submarine at a pier of the Russian Northern Fleet's naval base in the town of Gadzhievo.

Mikhail Fomichev/RIA Novosti
Russian designers have been commissioned to design and build a sea-based ballistic missile in response to US plans to modernize their nuclear forces from 2020, said RIR military specialists.

The State Rocket Centre named after the academician VP Makeyev (SRC) has received a contract to build a new ballistic missile for the fifth generation nuclear submarines.

“Currently, according to the contract with the Ministry of Defence, we are developing the land and sea ballistic missiles. In particular, the heavy ballistic missile “Sarmat”, which will update the land grouping”, Vladimir Degtyar, CEO and Chief Designer SRC, told the Russian newspaper Izvestia.

A prototype of the new missile will be ready at the end of the 2020s. It will replace the “Bulava” marine ballistic missile, which is currently in a trial operation.

The answer to a modernization of the US nuclear forces

The development of the new missile is a Russian response to the update of the American nuclear forces group, planned from 2020, on which Washington plans to spend $ 900 billion, said Dmitry Litovkin, the “Izvestia” military correspondent, to RIR.

Litovkin said the “Sarmat” will get improved, more powerful features that will equip it with additional capability to overcome the US missile defence system.

“The new missile will be able to withstand the space echelon of strike weapons, and it can be launched from virtually any area and in all directions”, said Litovkin.

Alexander Khramchikhin, deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, told RIR that the new missile would be an organic development of the Russian nuclear forces.

“Sarmat” will take into account the upcoming national security threat in the ‘30s. It will be based solely in nuclear submarines”, he said.

It is now known only that the missile can hit targets at a distance of more than 11, 000 kilometres. The missile will also have hypersonic manoeuvering nuclear warheads that will be able to overcome the enemy’s existing and future missile defence systems.

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