Crossword on all things Russian: Could you solve it?

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Prepare yourself for the ultimate test - we’ve put together the most popular words from search engines into our own crossword!


1. ‘Black Russian’ cocktail ingredient (5)

3. First woman in space (10)

4. Russia-China border city (4)

8. ‘The Russia House’ actor (7)

9. A ‘terrible’ Russian (4)

10. A Russian country house (5)


2. Siberia’s second biggest city (4)

3. A ‘terrible’ Russian (4)

5. ‘From Russia with Love’ organization (6)

6. First name of Soviet leader Khrushchev (6)

7. Cyrillic spelling of ‘USSR’ (4)

11. A Russian river (5)

12. Popular Russian girl’s name (7)

13. A color of the Russian flag (4)

14. Soviet prison camp (5)

15. Russian currency (5)

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