Etienne Mougeotte, Editorial Head of Le Figaro (France)

Etienne Mougeotte, Editorial Head of Le Figaro (France)

Commentary on the Russian supplement «La Russie d'Aujourd'hui», which is published monthly inside Le Figaro: 

«The collaboration with a large Russian newspaper is very important for Le Figaro. This is a debut. For the first time ever, a Russian newspaper is running a joint project with a daily French newspaper. This is a very close partnership, as every month, we, together with Le Figaro, also distribute copies of Russia Now supplement in French». 

«Of course, I was a bit nervous, as this was a new undertaking for us. First of all, I wanted to be sure that Russia Now is a well-regarded publication. I was assured of that at the beginning, but I wanted to see it for myself. And I can say now that with each new issue the quality remains at the same level. What might have raised concerns at the beginning has now been alleviated. We can say with certainty that these partner relations are very positive for La Figaro, and I think for Russia Now as well». 

«I think the quality of the supplement has been very good from the start, and it is important that it be maintained at the same high level. As for the reporters who write the articles, I can point out the high level of their competence, analytical and professional skills». 

«In Le Figaro, we also write about Russia, sometimes without giving too much importance to this information, often we speak about Russia less than we ought to. It is for this reason that the Russia Now supplement becomes crucial today. It helps us understand what Russia is, how this vast country with its huge economic potential and important cultural values develops. Russia and France have historical cultural ties, and I think it is important to maintain them. In economic, political and cultural terms, Russia Now helps French readers get an understanding of this huge Russia, with its problems, solutions and continuing progress».

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