Fawzia Madni, General Manager of The Times Group (India)

Fawzia Madni, General Manager of The Times Group (India)

Commentary on the Russian supplement «Russia & India Report», which is published monthly inside The Times of India: 

«I’m very proud to be associated with Rossiyskaya Gazeta for the Russian-Indian Report. To me this represents marketing the Russia brand at the highest level. By publishing the Russian-Indian Report we are actually marketing Russia as a country, a market, a personal business to the highest decision makers and business and government leaders. We are actually reaching our business leaders telling them about what Russia offers as a market. We believe that it’s business that drives the engine of an economy and it’s very appropriate that India and Russia which are today a part of the bricks category of markets are collaborating on this». 

«We are very proud to say that other countries, notably Latin American countries have now been inquiring about the Russian-Indian Report. Clearly this is a very useful instrument to bring all these economies in the Indian market. India is a very favored destination for foreign direct investment, for portfolio investment as is Russia, and by doing this we are not only building business in both countries but we are actually building bilateral ties which are the basis of any long-term partnership».

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