155 years ago: Millennium of Russia monument unveiled in Novgorod

 Millennium of Russia.

Millennium of Russia.

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The monument depicts the main highlights of Russian history.

On Sept. 20, 1862 in Veliky Novgorod, the monument, "Millennium of Russia," was unvieled in the presence of Emperor Alexander II and his family. It was the first monument dedicated to the Russian state.

The monument depicts highlights of Russian history: the reign of Rurik (862), the baptism of Rus (988), the Battle of Kulikovo Field (1380), the beginning of the Romanov dynasty (1613), the foundation of the Russian Empire (1721), and more.

After the revolution of 1917, the landmark was perceived as a monument to the monarchy, so it was covered with plywood. In August 1941, Novgorod was occupied by the Nazis, and one of the generals ordered to dismantle the monument and take it to Germany. They failed to do this, however, and in 1943 the Soviet army liberated the city. The monument was restored and unveiled again in November 1944.

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