Russian Foreign Ministry condemns terror attacks in Syria

Moscow has urged the international community to respond to the attacks, which took over a hundred lives.

Moscow has urged the international community to properly respond to the terror attacks in Syria, which took over a hundred lives.

"Moscow strongly condemns the inhumane attacks of terrorists. We are offering our sincere condolences to the families of the dead and are wishing the soonest recovery to the injured. We are confident that such disgusting and criminal acts require an appropriate principled reaction of the international community," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a commentary published on Monday.

"It is important to put a solid barrier on the way of the attempts of ISIL, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groups to escalate tensions inside and around Syria by further instigation of inter-confessional feud," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"The cruel crimes of the extremists aim at intimidating the civilian population and undermining attempts to achieve lasting political settlement of the Syria crisis in the interests of all Syrians and efforts to stop violence and bloodshed," the commentary said.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, another series of terror attacks was perpetrated in Syria on February 21. A triple attack was committed in the southern suburbs of Damascus, an area of compact Shia residence, by means of a car bomb and two suicide bombers, and two car bombs went off in the city of Homs. The attacks killed at least 130 people and injured about 300.


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