Julian Gallant, Director of Pushkin House in London

Julian Gallant, Director of Pushkin House in London

Commentary on the Russian supplement Russia Now, which is published monthly inside The Daily Telegraph: 

«The British press - we can include the whole media – is not free of fixed ideas and prejudice, whatever it may pretend, and actually it’s very important, when you read about Russia in the British press, not to believe it so much, or at least if you read it, to challenge the views that are expressed in it. Now, Russia Now comes out and actually brings forth Russian viewpoints, and that brings not only factual information but also brings in viewpoints which are often loggerheads with the kind of viewpoints which are expressed in the British press. So it’s important to read and of course intrude.» 

«Russia is a very, very large state. Russia is an integral part of the world. We, as I say, people, I include myself in it, in a fairly large group of people who believe in integration, we want Russia to be integrated, and we don’t want to see Russia isolated. Isolation often comes about through ignorance and prejudice, and that’s your job in the media to get as much information across, to get as much information across as possible. So Russia Now appears in The Daily Telegraph, it’s read by the Telegraph readers, I hope in the future that’s going to be read more widely than that, and I hope with the idea that as much exchange of information and as many different views, as many angles put forward as possible.»

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