The coolest and weirdest dash cam videos from Russian roads

Driving in Russia can be an extreme adventure, with crazy drivers, wild animals appearing out of nowhere and brutal crashes. Here is Russia Beyond's collection of the most breathtaking and baffling dash cam videos from the country’s highways.

Dash cams are extremely popular among Russians.

They are often used in Russia to provide concrete legal evidence against any misinterpretation of events. 

Since everything that happens in front of the car is recorded, it’s impossible to deceive the police regarding the events.

In order to prove a driver’s guilt in court, dash cam footage is essential - especially if there are no witnesses.

The Russians’ love of dash cams has attracted attention from around the globe.

According to some foreign commentators, Russian dash cam videos are more entertaining than Hollywood movies!

As Jon Stewart, ex-host of The Daily Show once said: "Russia is like real life Grand Theft Auto!"

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