How much do Russians need to live a luxurious life?

The amount is actually not that big!

A Russian family of three needs on average only 1.6 million rubles ($28,000) a month to be considered "luxuriously wealthy", according to the research conducted by Romir, published on Oct. 26, 2017. Two years ago, this sum was just 950,000 rubles ($16,500).  

"The results of the questionnaire about how much money a family of three needs for a luxurious life showed that the needs of our compatriots are growing," according to Romir.

Muscovites need more money – 2.5 million rubles ($43,000) than St. Petersburg residents - 2 million rubles ($35,000) for a luxurious lifestyle. 

The understanding of "luxury" remains largely unchanged: Russians consider yachts (50 percent), elite property (50 percent), private jets (46 percent), luxury cars (39 percent), and jewelry/watches (33 percent) to be typical signs of luxury.

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