Russia’s most awesome stories that you might have missed: Nov. 13-17

Putin’s breakfast, miraculous survival, and gloomy predictions rocked this week.

1. What does Mr. Putin eat?

Russia Beyond takes you to the epicenter of political power in Russia. It’s stomach, to be specific. Take an intimate look at the president’s diet.

2. Solar minimum is coming: Earth faces a deep freeze future, say Russian scientists

The last so-called Little Ice Age coincided with the known “failure of the solar cycle

Disturbing news from Russian scientists: the Sun’s in trouble and it’s going to get cold, soon.


3. Soviet automobile projects that died with the USSR

Extinct beasts of the Soviet automobile industry you haven’t seen before

4. How to behave in Russia: Tips from Western celebrities

When in Rome… or Russia for that matter Hugh Jackman et al. explain how to go native.

5. Meanwhile in Russia: Man falls from 9th floor, forgets, and continues drinking


Your weekly dose of Russian absurd served with vodka on the side.

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