Bulldozer, crane, and tractor all sleeping with the fishes after failed rescue attempts

Russia's EMERCOM
How many more vehicles will join them on the river bed?

If you want to know the definition of a comedy of errors, read on.

On Jan. 11 a bulldozer working near the Lena River in Siberia accidently drove into the water (problem one). Fortunately the driver managed to climb out unharmed. A mobile crane was sent to pull the vehicle out, but that too fell into the water during the rescue operation, landing right on top of the bulldozer (problem two). Then, four days later, a tractor was sent to try and salvage the two vehicles - but guess what - that too sunk! (problem 3)

Luckily, not all cars sink straight away: A taxi “swam” in St. Petersburg’s Neva River for 20 minutes before finally drowning.

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