Snap a picture of Siberian-like landscape and win a trip there

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Do you feel like you live in Russia when glancing out the window? Well, now you can tell the world about it - and experience real Russia, all thanks to the “Follow Up Siberia” campaign, launched by Russia’s leading metals and mining company ‘Nornickel’. Social network users across the world are invited to publish as many photos depicting a Siberia-like landscape as they can for their chance to win.

The difference is that Russians can publish photos of actual Siberia, while foreigners will have to turn on their imagination and make do with what they have at home. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #followupsiberia for your masterpiece to be entered into the competition.

A jury will pick out the best submissions - their authors are to be rewarded with an opportunity to visit various regions in Siberia, while the top prize is a trip to Krasnoyarsk to watch the Winter World University Games, to be held there in 2019. These are, basically, the Olympics, but for college students. Still fun to watch.

“Now, you can’t persuade a worker to move to Siberia just by promising them good wages,” - says Nornickel vice president, Elena Bezdenezhnykh. “A man would move only in search of a new, comfortable environment, and that’s what we are striving to create.”

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