Cat with healing powers and connections to the ‘next world’ up for sale – for $32,000

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Pet’s Russian owner is trying to flog the animal online, but may find it hard going at such a price.

A man from the Ural city of Perm is asking for no more than two million rubles ($32,000) for his cat, an amount of money that could buy a good apartment in the region.

But there is a reason for such a lofty price tag. According to the feline’s owner, the cat is no ordinary pet. He says it brings good fortune and will boost the business of whoever is willing to fork out for it – making it a good investment. What’s more, the pussy allegedly has connections to the “next world” – it can talk to the dead!

“The cat is also healing...sleep for several hours holding it to your breast to cure any illness,” the post says. And if all this doesn’t make you reach into your pockets, the animal is also trained to use the toilet.



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